If you want to join VG, you must send an application to info-at-vgk-dot-ee. The wording of the application is not overly important as long as it includes the following information about you:

  • First- and last name (given name and surname)
  • Social security number (if Estonian resident) or exact date of birth (if you do not live in Estonia)
  • Country and town of residence
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address


If you are underage (17 years or younger) you must also include:

  • First- and last name of a parent or a legal custodian
  • Parents/custodians phone number and/or e-mail address


All information must be correct and valid, this is a prerequisite for accepting your application. The application will be looked through by the VG Council, within reasonable time. The answer to your request will be e-mailed to you.



If you represent a group of people or you would like to join with a collective, please contact us by e-mail.

How to join