In addition to its daily activities, which includes organizing different trainings and workshops, VG actively participates on several games, organizes games itself and is involved with different larp projects.


Although many VG members are individually active in many different role playing games and VG organizes events and meetings for its members frequently, there are still some public events that the club generally attends collectively and on a regular basis.


VG visits following annual events regularly:

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Must kaardivägi

  • You want real bodyguards for your character?
  • Need a transporter who is worth his price?
  • Need force for a coup or in order to avoid one?
  • Or you have a situation where there is a lack of warriors, guards, mercenaries, bandits, inquisitors, bounty hunters or similar characters?

Regardless whether you are a player or GM, VG black guard is glad to negotiate with you.

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Thangoli Varjud

Role-play game with intrigue and action based on VG background story where seven ruling houses are battling each other with any means necessary for glory and power.

The games are generally opened for all participants (irrespective of being member of VG). However, it is possible to collect Thangol’s Shadows character points for events where VG officially participants and Thangol’s Shadow houses and background can be transferred with VG activities to other events.

How to join