Larp community Vishna-Ghrim was established in 2001. During the years we have actively participated in teaching and raising new players. In that age, sex or nationality are not important. Over the years our focus has shifted to teaching larp battle (for us the most interesting part of the game) and conducting trainings.

We practice and prefer semi-contact and full-contact combat with boffered imitations of pseudo-medieval weapons. Our preferred fighting style is the so called "fast combat". It means that personal skills and physical traits are important when fighting and we try to find out who is in reality more skilled. We enjoy the adrenaline and the challenge involved in that and we are trying to be the best fighters we possibly can.

Therefore Vishna-Ghrim is geared more towards players than organizing games. We conduct trainings, make equipment and participate on games, under a common flag.

The leading principles of VG are unity, preparation and discipline.




means for us trust, caring and supporting each other both in game and out of it. It is something that supersedes ranks and offices, it is the silver thread that connects us. We do not put values on our own people on the battlefield. There are no "expendable grunts" in VG, every single fighter is important to us. No one is left behind neither alive nor dead.

When you join us, you become one of us. The veterans who beat you again and again on trainings, will be using the same skill and prowess during the game, to do all they can to help you succeed. We care about (and for) our own and expect that you will do the same.



means for us constant development and work that has to be done regardless of games or achieved goals. VG will never go into battle unprepared. We do all that we can so that, even before the fighting begins, we would have an adequate picture of the battle-space, of activities going on and possible situations. The Council will make strategic decisions to adapt and develop equipment, eliminate deficiencies and take advantage of the changes that developing larp culture and different battle-spaces offer. The General Staff develops a thorough plan of action and formulates specific tasks for each event. We will do all that we can so that our members would have access to the best instructions and education they desire - in any aspect of combat.

VG training has repeatedly proven itself on an international scale. By being diligent and responsive, you will have the training that will secure your position among the best larp fighters in Europe. Having been active almost 15 years and participated on tens of large scale international games, we can say with calm surety that VG training is among the best out there.



means for us organization, order and systematic actions. Guided by unity and supported by preparation we will try and solve all problems with a joint and organized effort. During games it mainly means setting the wishes of the club and your fellows above your own, as well as following the orders of the VG General Staff quickly and without arguments.

Our abilities on the battlefield come mostly from the fact that we will form a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts. This is possible only if we forego some personal ambitions and comforts, as individuals and as a group and let ourselves be guided by single leadership. Only then can we be sure that we work towards a common goal and only then will the strengths of Your fellows compensate Your own weaknesses.



VG has long been the largest larp organization in Estonia and it is constantly changing and evolving. If you are interested in larp combat, warfare, tactics, strategy etc. Then VG is definitely the place to start (or to remain).

Within our ranks are extremely experienced and skilled trainers, teachers and instructors, who will gladly share their knowledge(based on real world experience). We organize common trainings, workshops and events fairly regularly. If you at least try, you will surely achieve all your goals with us.

VG internal structure is based on constant and reasonable development. Ranks and promotions will come with years and experience. But everything starts with your wishes and if you but wish it, we will always find you ways to learn and prove yourself.

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